Tips for the Bride

1. Know you're hair.

Is your hair more on the oily or dry side? If you know your hair will get oily from washing it the night before, then wash it in the morning.  If you have normal to dry hair, wash it the night before.

 2. Make sure your hair is 100% DRY!

It's very important to make sure your hair isn't wet or damp..any moisture will add's also important to remain on time, blow drying wet hair will def stall the styling process!

3. Please do not put oils or oil based products in your hair.

Let us add the styling products you need.. we come with our favorite styling tools, (texture spray, dry shampoo, volumizer, pal made, etc.) If your hair is too soft or slick, your style won't get the hold it needs.

4. NO Flat Ironing your hair!

Esp if you want curls, this will make it much harder to curl or get volume into your style! We will smooth your hair if need be.

5. Naturally Curly?

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair and you want to work off of this texture, then come with your hair clean, dry, and product free. If you prefer to not use you're natural curl, then please blow dry it. We will smooth it out if need be.

 6. No tight ponytails

 I've had brides, and bridesmaids come the day of with tight pony tails, and then when they take it down it leave a crease!! I don't recommend having your hair pulled back tight, down is preferable. Or very loosely back.

7. Clip in hair extensions

Clip ins are great to add to any style. If you aren't the bride, please have them curled before your hair is ready to be styled. Additional time is required to curl extensions, and timing is so important that morning.

Hair Styling by Jamie

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